Industrial Transformation Quickscan

Transformation of the industry, driven by the EU Green Deal offers opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs. Find out what this will mean for your business with our quickscan.

Webinar Industrial Transformation

Want to know more about this topic? In this TNO Fast Track webinar, you will gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of the transformation of the industry, discover what the latest technologies are and where opportunities lie for new business models and gaining strengthened position in the green economy.


What we are going to do

In this quickscan we will work to help your company get answers to the question: how will the transformation of the industry impact my business and how can I respond? During the quickscan we will discuss the impact of the scarcity triangle (low emission electricity, circular raw materials and minerals and metals) on your business and which technologies will help your business become more sustainable.

About you

  • Your company is highly dependent on the price and availability of energy and raw materials (e.g., minerals and metals).
  • Your company operates in one of the following industries:J
    • Chemicals
    • Manufacturing
    • Building and Construction
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • Agriculture and Food Production
    • Process Industries

What you'll receive

  • A screening of risks and opportunities of the effect of the scarcity triangle on your business.
  • You'll receive knowledge about available technologies.
  • You'll discover opportunities to make your business more sustainable.




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