TNO Fast Track: for innovative entrepreneurs


Collaborating on tomorrow's innovations

TNO Fast Track offers fast access to TNO’s expertise, facilities, and network. Entrepreneurs with a  specific innovation question can submit a request for a consultation without obligation, for example for the validation of a new concept or for independent technology advice.

In our menu under the headings Activities and Agenda you can find a range of services such as (knowledge) projects, research facilities, events, and Expert Sessions that you can participate in immediately. Our offering is focused the transition themes, namely a digital, healthy, safe and sustainable society.

Your business query on innovation

Discover the TNO Fast Track

Are you looking for specific expertise in R&D and innovation? Are you seeing opportunities to innovate within your company or do you have a
technological challenge that we may be able to help you with?

Step 1: Book a intake interview without obligation

Is TNO able to answer your question or would you be better served by an organization from within our network? We can provide you with an initial consultation without obligation

Step 2: Schedule an Expert Session, an Expert Session XL, or a session in the lab.

A first step and introduction to TNO.

Step 3: Time to move forward!

This could mean your company uses the accrued knowledge to continue on its own or the start of a larger innovation project. Other options include joining an existing TNO program or being referred to an appropriate market party that can help you further.