Accelerating Innovation

Are you looking for specific expertise in R&D and innovation? Are you seeing opportunities to innovate or do you have a technological challenge that we may be able to help you with?


Accelerating innovation

TNO Fast Track helps you to accelerate innovation within your start-up, scale-up or SME company. You bring entrepreneurship and ambition. We offer the boundless knowledge of 3,500 experts, state-of-the-art testing facilities, and a strong network. Together we will provide a powerful boost to your business and industry. And create innovations with impact, for a healthy, safe and sustainable society. Get in touch and challenge us with your innovation question!

How we accelerate innovation together

Step 1: Start with a no-obligation intake
During a telephone intake interview, we will help you get started right away and at no cost.

Step 2: Schedule a session with our experts
With an expert session, expert session XL, or session in the lab, we will immediately delve deeper into your technology question.

Step 3: Time to move forward!
Get started with the acquired knowledge, start a larger innovation process or participate in an existing TNO research program.

"We enjoyed the pleasant and enthusiastic contact we have had with TNO. Their fast pace, open communication, but above all, ability to join us to reflect on our situation was tremendously beneficial to us."

Anke van Eijk, R&D manager Schouten Europe

"What TNO has shown us is that, with the right combination of knowledge and perseverance, there is a solution to every problem. In collaboration with TNO, we’ve been able to make great strides."

Thom Weustink, Co-Founder LAYCO Medical Devices

"The collaboration went incredibly smoothly. This was mainly due to the close collaboration between our contact persons and how well TNO and Vention’s competencies and expertise complement each other. We look forward to our next collaboration with TNO!"

Teun Broeren, Project Manager Vention Technologies