Our approach

Working on tomorrow's innovations

Major transitions in digitalization, sustainability, security and healthcare are vast and complex. At the same time, technological developments are happening faster than ever. As an entrepreneur, you see opportunities for innovation, but perhaps lack specific knowledge or the right partners.

TNO Fast Track puts start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs on the right track to accelerate innovation. It is the place to validate new concepts or get independent technology advice. We do this in three practical steps:

What can TNO Fast Track do for you?

Step 1: Opt for a no-obligation intake
During a telephone intake we help you to get started immediately and free of charge. Together, we determine your innovation needs, identify possible solutions, and potentially refer you to one a partner in our extensive network.

Free intake

Step 2: Schedule a session with our experts
After the intake, we can schedule a session with one or more TNO experts. Or book an Open lab to validate your product or service. This lays the foundation for a (quick) fix, drafting a technology roadmap, or starting a larger innovation project. Our offer includes:

Step 3: Time to move forward!

After an Expert Session, Expert Session XL, or Open Lab, the choice is yours. Perhaps you can start working with the knowledge you have gained right away. Do you want to innovate further? Start a larger innovation project with us, take part in an existing research programme within TNO or start working with a suitable market party we can connect you to.

Get in touch with us

Do you see opportunities to innovate within your company? Are you faced with challenges in the market and do you think TNO could help you? If so, we would love to connect with you, combining our network and technology expertise with your entrepreneurship and ambition.