About TNO Fast Track

TNO Fast Track offers quick access to TNO’s expertise, facilities, and network. Entrepreneurs with specific innovation questions can submit a request for a consultation without obligation, for example to validate a new concept or to receive independent technology advice.

In our menu under the headings Activities and Agenda you can find a range of services such as (knowledge) projects, research facilities, events, and Expert Sessions that you can participate in immediately. Our offering is focused on the transition themes, namely a digital, healthy, safe and sustainable society.


Start-ups, scale-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are essential to the transition themes. They play an important role in value chains and bring a lot of innovation and progress. That is why TNO is opening up its expertise, facilities, and network to this target group in particular.

Start-ups are currently struggling to grow to the next stage in the Netherlands. TNO has various resources that can contribute to their growth.

This is why TNO’s strategy focuses on highly innovative start-ups and scale-ups that have growth ambitions, but which need help to further their technological development.

TNO also shares its knowledge with companies that want to use innovation as a solution to the challenges they face. Consider, for example, increasing labour productivity, meeting sustainability legislation, or increasing automation through digitization. Innovation can be a solution for this group and TNO is happy to show them the way.

Collaborating on tomorrow's innovations

TNO Fast Track is filled with a surprisingly concrete range of (knowledge) projects, state-of-the-art research facilities, events, and Expert Sessions that you can directly participate in.

This is the perfect place to book an intake for your innovation challenge. Do you see opportunities to innovate within your company? Or are you seeing other challenges in the market that TNO may be able to help with? If so, we’d like to talk to you! We’ll bring our network and technology expertise and you’ll bring your entrepreneurial spirit and business insight.