Improved health monitoring in construction with TNO’s portable particulate meter

Vention Technologies is a product developer of electronic embedded systems with a focus on connectivity. They develop tailor-made software and hardware that can be used to control their clients’ products. In doing so, Vention makes sure to be involved throughout the entire process. From research to large-scale product development, they mainly focus on the health and energy markets.

Vention’s mission is to optimise products in the healthcare and energy sectors by making systems as smart as possible. Read more about Vention Technologies and their collaboration with TNO below!

Collaboration with TNO

Vention Technologies has completed a number of projects in collaboration with TNO’s Holst Centre. This is how they got involved with this project.

In 2022 TNO developed a lab setup to better monitor particulate matter in construction and mining environments. It is part of the Exposense Early Research Program (ERP) and is helping to create a safer and healthier working environment in these sectors. The final step of the program was to create a portable miniature version of this measuring instrument to make it easier to take into the field. Vention Technologies was asked to play a role in this. They teamed up with TNO to develop a device with reduced dimensions – about the size of a shoebox – while maintaining all its other specifications. Through knowledge sharing and excellent communication between the two organizations, the new prototype was developed within six months. TNO is now in the process of finding the right party to market the device.


"The collaboration went incredibly smoothly. This was mainly due to the close collaboration between our contact persons and how well TNO and Vention’s competencies and expertise complement each other. We look forward to our next collaboration with TNO!"

Teun Broeren, Project Manager Vention Technologies


What does Vention Technologies do?

Initially, we were focused on mechanics and ‘mechatronic’ products and casings for various applications. However, we have since shifted our focus to embedded systems and connectivity, particularly for wearables, sensors, and products that lack some form of control or intelligence. We add this to these products.

We focus on two main market segments. Firstly, the healthcare market, particularly in the area of physical monitoring for sports coaching and wearables. Secondly, we’re active in the energy market, in which we’re enabling products to communicate with each other. Think, for example, of smart solar panels combined with smart home batteries and smart charging stations. Our expertise is in making apps and devices talk to each other. We also support the development of R&D prototypes. Vention Technologies provides all the necessary software and hardware to make a device function properly. In this, we strive to seamlessly integrate both aspects.

What makes your company so special?

What distinguishes Vention Technologies in the market is our flexibility in setting up projects and our ability to join our customers’ consideration processes at a high level, while always keeping in mind the practical implementation of the technology. We’re always open to new developments and able to adapt quickly. This combination of flexibility and speed enables us to create unique and innovative solutions for our clients.

What's next?

We’re very satisfied with the control system we were able to develop for the particulate meter. Now, it’s up to TNO to market the familiarise the public with the product. We look forward to being involved in the next step as we further develop the system to become an integrated product. We’re also keen to be involved in any future challenging developments – with TNO, if possible.

Want to know more?

For more information on Vention Technologies’ projects, please visit their website. Do you have an challenge, ambition or issue of your own? Contact TNO Fast Track to start making an impact together!