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MixMasters develops, manufactures, and packages personalised health food and sports supplements. They are using innovative ways to supply their clients with healthy food, mainly focusing on the sports and healthcare industry. During the collaboration with TNO, an idea for an entirely new venture arose: FoodiYou. Read more about MixMasters and their collaboration with TNO below!

MixMasters' question for TNO

MixMasters came to TNO after they had already done some research on their query: ‘How can we really personalise nutrition while remaining user-friendly?’ In their preliminary research, MixMasters had already looked at DNA-based food development. However, in collaboration with the experts from TNO, they quickly shifted to nutrition based on physical characteristics and lifestyle (phenotypes), as this better matches the issue of ‘personalising food in a user-friendly way’. Based on the investigation with TNO, MixMasters has developed several nutritional profiles and a package that customers can use at their own leisure at home
to take the phenotype test.

Quote by the entrepreneur

"As an entrepreneur, you simply want your product to work. We appreciated the fact that TNO helped us think in terms of actual business opportunities"

Jan Derks, Project manager MixMasters

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What is FoodiYou?

Our concept is actually remarkably simple. You take one test and complete a questionnaire. Based on this, we then send you the meals that suit
your profile. So it’s super simple! I’ll go into it in a little more depth: Our ‘self-test’ consists of a tape measure, a glucose meter, and a questionnaire. This package is delivered at your doorstep, so you can complete and take the test yourself at your leisure (hence the name ‘FooDIYou). Afterwards, you return the package to us so we can run your results through our algorithm. This generates a profile that clarifies your optimal nutritional intake. Once this profile has been established, we immediately start sending meals with the right composition of energy and nutrients for your profile.

What makes FoodiYou so special?

If you look at the concept and the market, we’re the first to offer personalised nutrition in such a comprehensive package. As an organisation, we discovered that little actual research has been conducted on dietary personalisation. As a consumer, you become quickly referred to the familiar food pyramid. But this doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, finding the right diet for you requires looking at more factors, such as your age, height, and dietary goals. The nutritional needs of someone looking to build muscle mass, for example, may be very different from someone trying to lose weight. Our concept links a diet with the ideal composition of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to your personal profile and objectives. So that you end up with the nutrition that benefits your body most.

What's next?

We’re all set for production and could start next week if necessary. But for now, we first have to investigate how  best to market our new concept and which customers we want to introduce our concept to.  In 2023, you’ll undoubtedly be hearing more from us.

Want to know more?

For more information on FoodiYou, please visit the MixMasters website. Do you have a challenge, ambition or issue of your own? Contact TNO Fast Track to start making an impact together!