Road safety with reflective coatings

RheoLight™ by Ink Invent is a new kind of reflective coating created for the safer and more beautiful world of tomorrow. Their mission is therefore: ‘Crystal Glass Pigments for a brilliant, beautiful and safer world.’ RheoLight™ helps to improve the traffic environment and the experience of its participants without disrupting the environment, thus increasing safety on the road. In any case, this is what they were keen to investigate further. Read more about Ink Invent’s collaboration with TNO below!

Ink Invent's question for TNO

Ink Invent turned to TNO’s Fast Track programme with the question whether TNO could quantify and verify the visibility enhancing effect of RheoLight™.  In other words, ‘Does RheoLight™ meet the reflective standards set for modes of transportation?’

The process started with a small validation and some initial lab measurements. The results were promising. For example, we were already able to show that RheoLight™ adheres to the set standards for reflective coatings used for modes of transport. Meanwhile, the collaboration continued in the shape of a more in-depth study, resulting in TNO-developed measurement programme that further validates the pigments used by RheoLight™. With these results, Ink Invent is hoping to prove what they themselves already believe to be true, namely that their product is safe and delivers on what it promises.

Quote by the entrepreneur

"We were looking for a thorough qualification and quantification method of the new innovative visual properties of our product to be able to objectively compare them with existing less visible systems. Naturally, we quickly arrived at TNO as a partner"

Paul Mijnen, CEO Ink Event B.V.


What is RheoLight™ by Ink Invent?

RheoLight™ was developed as a new type of dispersion-form effect pigment for both water-based and conventional coatings. Recently,
RheoLight™ was also released as a mono-concentrate for plastics. There are virtually no modifications required to existing production or application processes while immediately delivering innovative impact. RheoLight™ significantly improves the interpretation of the traffic environment in dark
conditions. Motorists are able to see more, and more vulnerable road users, including cyclists, scooters, and dark or metallic cars, stand out much more. Not only the vehicles but also the overall traffic environment is made more visible, without compromising the overall traffic image. The development of this RheoLight™ technology has led to three successful participations in prestigious awards in the cycling and automotive sectors!

What makes RheoLight™ so special?

RheoLight™ Crystal Glass Pigments allow for a much better viewing experience of an object, both in lightness and colour – even from angles of up to 80 degrees. In addition, RheoLight™ increases object detection by LiDAR laser systems. As a result, smart vehicles are able to detect your bike or scooter up to 140 times better and determine vehicle types with greater reliability. RheoLight™ also introduces a new range of beautiful paint and plastic colouring options that wouldn’t be possible without our pigment.

What's next?

We’ve just finished developing the second generation of RheoLight™, consisting of a portfolio of RheoLight™ versions with various product properties that meet the automotive industry’s strictest quality requirements. We’re also conducting research in the field of heat reflection. Initial studies demonstrably show that the RheoLight™ pigment has a significant heat-retarding effect , which is incredibly useful in keeping cars, helmets, and larger surfaces treated by the pigment cool.
In other words, we’re still developing a lot. Keep an eye on our website for the results of this investigation!

Want to know more?

For more information on RheoLight™ by InkInvent, please visit their website. Do you have a challenge, ambition or issue of your own? Contact TNO Fast Track to start making an impact together!