Webinar: Industrial transformation

In this webinar we will talk about transformation of the industry, including the European Green Deal, scarcity triangle, carbon management and how to build successful businesses that help support this transition. We'll also talk about the opportunities and risks for entrepreneurs!


Please note that this webinar is in dutch

  • Welcome and introduction Nienke Dijkstra, Earl Goetheer, Brigitte Jacobs and Reinier Grimbergen
  • The EU Green Deal - by Reinier Grimbergen
  • State of tech: scarcity triangle
    • Low emission electricity - by Reinier Grimbergen
    • Carbon storage and circularity - by Brigitte Jacobs
    • Sustainable minerals and metals - by Reinier Grimbergen
  • What opportunities are there for companies that want to get started with this? - by Nienke Dijkstra and Earl Goetheer
  • Closing & what is the next step? - by Nienke Dijkstra


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