Intake consultation

Are you facing a technological challenge or do you have a question about innovation or about participating in one of TNO's projects? Then we would gladly get in touch with you.

During the intake interview we will discuss your question, how we can contribute to it and which process suits you best. This may result in an expert session with one of our experts or we can help you get started during this intake. Direct participation in one of the innovation projects is also an option. During the intake we can investigate this together. We strive to take you a step further in your process with our advice.


What we will be doing

After receiving your request, we will call you within two working days for the telephone intake. During this intake we will make your question concrete together. Will be assess whether we help your company further and how by discussing possible next steps.

You possess

  • A question about your technological challenge or ambition

You will receive

  • A free intake by phone or online meeting
  • Contact within 2 working days




Do you have a technological question, an ambition, a complex challenge or a process dilemma that you could use help with? Then we would like to hear from you. Through this intake we take the first step towards furthering you in your goals.