Webinar: Quantum for entrepreneurs

Quantum technology is a key technology enabling new products and services. The potential of quantum computers, simulators, networks and sensors is enormously promising for society, industry and science. That is why TNO Fast Track organized this webinar especially for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs in the Netherlands.


  • Welcome and introduction of the speakers Nienke Dijkstra, Clara Osorio Tomayo, Henk Polinder and Gert-Jan Vaessen
  • The basic principes of Quantum - by Henk Polinder
  • State of tech: Quantum sensing and applications  – by Clara Osorio Tomayo
  • What does the investment climate look like? - by Gert-Jan Vaessen
  • What are the opportunities to collaborate & accelerate? – by Nienke Dijkstra
  • Wrap-up and what's next – by Nienke Dijkstra


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