Quantum Quickscan

Quantum Quickscan

Quantum technology is a key technology enabling new products and services. The potential of quantum computers, networks and sensors holds great promise for society, industry and science. We may thus be on the eve of a technological revolution that can contribute solutions to all kinds of major societal challenges.


What we are going to do

In this quickscan, we will work to help your company get answers to the question: how will quantum impact my company and how could I respond to this?

During an intake, we determine together the scope of this expert session and discuss which quantum technology best suits your company (computer, communication, safe, sensing).

The quick scan will look something like this:

  • You receive clear knowledge about the current quantum market and the existing ecosystem.
  • Together with our expert(s), you dive into the quantum technology relevant to you.
  • You discover possible applications of quantum for your business.
  • You hear more about funding options for getting started or testing quantum.

What you have

Your company develops optimisation software, you work with simulations, you create or work with sensors, you work on thermal or mechanical design.

What you'll receive

  • Overview of the quantum market
  • More knowledge about quantum technologies
  • Insight into which quantum technology could be relevant for your company
  • Insight into possible quantum applications within your company



Want to participate?

Do you want to get started with Quantum? Contact us to discuss the possibilities, schedule a free intake or register for a quantum quickscan below!