Expert session XL with multiple experts

At TNO we have over 3500 researchers and experts. They are skilled at leveraging technology to solve problems and thrive on tackling fresh challenge. Is there a technology challenge your company is struggling with that you would like to look at from multiple perspectives? Could you benefit from several experts from different fields looking at your problem? We’re more than happy to join you for a pragmatic, on-site brainstorming session focusing on your challenge.


What we will do

The Expert Session XL often comes after an Expert Session and intake. (This is not a must, by the way.) Some challenges are more complex than others and require multiple experts to achieve an optimal result. We’ll match your challenge with several TNO experts. We’ll visit you for a half-day session to explore and brainstorm your question. By the end of the session, we’ll have a a clear picture on how to proceed.

This offer doesn’t include reports but is rather intended as an approachable way to get a handle on your challenge and work out potential solutions together. The follow-up can vary. We can connect you to market parties in our network to help you further solve your issue or you can commission a TNO project to build you a first prototype. Alternatively, this intervention may have already solved your challenge, allowing you to move forward on your own.

You have

  • had an intake/Expert Session and have discovered that you could benefit from an extensive scan/exploration by several TNO experts
  • an innovative R&D challenge that you think TNO can help you with

You will receive

  • a brainstorming session with TNO experts to further explore and generate ideas for your problem
  • one half-day session with several TNO experts, including guidance from a facilitator (excluding a report, this can be requested if needed).


€4000 excl. VAT.


Do you want to book an Expert Session XL with multiple TNO experts? No problem! All you need to do is meet the following conditions

  • You are a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)

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