Open lab: Validate your product and/or service

TNO has a large number of laboratories and facilities at its disposal, sometimes in collaboration with partner. These are always offered with the necessary experts and operators. TNO also has a good overview of available field labs and facilities in your region. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this if, for example, they want to validate their product or service.

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What we will do

Several of our open labs can already be found on the marketplace of this website. Among other things, we have:
  • a materials lab
  • a 5G lab
  • a construction lab
  • an automotive lab
  • a quantum lab
  • an optics lab
  • a lab for underground energy solutions
  • a battery lab
  • a solar lab

This list is not complete. If your theme is not listed, please let us know. We’re happy to help. (This offer is always preceded by an intake.)

You have

  • A question about the validation of your product and/or service

You will receive

  • Access to TNO’s laboratories and facilities
  • Specialist support
  • Possible referral to a party in our network


Available upon request.


Do you want to get to work validating your product or service? Register below or get in touch with us.